Organization: Po Leung Kuk
Introduction: Po Leung Kuk believes that “care illuminates hope, love enlightens all”.  Its mission is to provide charity to the disadvantaged, and its goal is to empower them to provide for themselves.  To achieve this, the organization provides professional, quality and multi-faceted social services to the community, under modern and cost-effective management.  Its core values are to value tradition, to provide quality service, to maintain assertiveness & service diversification, to utilize resources effectively, and to love and care for the community.
Year of Establishment: 1882
Leading Campaigns:
Integrated Family Services (e.g. “Adoption Service”),
Child Care Services, Children and Youth Services,
Rehabilitation Services (e.g. “Rehab Services Sponsorship Programme”),
Elderly Services (e.g. “Elderly Community Support”),
Social Enterprises, Funding Support (e.g. “Po Leung Kuk Charity Fund”)

:Relief of poor people
:Hong Kong
Source Po Leung Kuk’s website