Organization: Playright Children’s Play Association
Introduction: Playright Children’s Play Association is the voice of children where they are not fairly or fully represented.  Play unlocks the full potential of children as individuals, empowering them to secure a better future.  The Association makes a difference in the lives of children by encouraging them to play.  It further seeks to demonstrate to parents, teachers, policy makers and the public at large that quality play is vital if the full range of the child’s developmental and other needs is to be successfully met.  Through action, research and publicity cover four related areas – Advocacy, Play Resources, Play Outreach and Play Environments – it helps to unlock the full potential of children in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia.
Year of Establishment: 1987
Leading Campaigns: Playright Playmobile, Playright Channel @ Princess Margaret Hospital, Environmental Play
Service: Children Development
Region: Hong Kong
Source: Playright Children’s Play Association’s website