Organization: Watoto 

Details: Watoto is a holistic care program that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda. It aims to rescue individuals and raise each one as a leader in their chose sphere of life so that they in turn will rebuild their nation. Watoto Children’s Choir are the ambassadors of Watoto. They travel international to present Watoto’s vision and mission through their stories, music and dance.

Imagine a reborn, revived, rebuilt Africa. What would it be like?“Oh, What Love” is the 2015 Watoto Children’s Choir production represents the vitality of the new Africa. It takes you on a journey from utter despair to joyous celebration.

Date: Oct 31 – Dec 31, 2015

Oh What Love Promo from Watoto Asia on Vimeo.

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Source of information: Watoto Asia