Organization : Matilda Children’s Foundation
Introduction : The Matilda Children’s Foundation (MCF) was founded in 2003 to enable children with no other means of assistance to undergo much-needed and life-changing surgeries. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals at the Matilda International Hospital freely give their time, expertise, and loving care, while the hospital donates the facilities to enable surgeries to take place. The money raised will be used on consumables so a little donation can achieve a lot. So far, over 40 children have benefitted from the donations to MCF.

Please help us to help others. Together, we can make a BIG difference to little lives.

Year of Establishment : 2003
Leading Campaigns : Carols by Candlelight charity event held annually in December on the grounds of Matilda International Hospital. The event raises money for the Foundation, which funds life-changing surgeries for children with no other means of assistance. All the proceeds will go to The Matilda Children’s Foundation.
Service : Children and Youth, Health and Medication
Region : Hong Kong, China and South East Asia
Source: Matilda Children’s Foundation