Tonnes of safe and edible food is disposed of every week in Hong Kong. Whether you are an individual or a member of the food industry,  you are all welcome to make your cash as well as  food donations to the following organisations, and help them to sustain their operation.


樂餉社 Feeding Hong Kong
Feeding Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s first food bank network dedicated to rescuing surplus nutritious food from retailers, manufacturers and distributors and redistributing it to charities helping people in need. Feeding HK does not deliver food directly, rather it focuses on the efficiency of food logistics to best help those charities that help those in need.

善膳堂 Food For All
(九龍城、油尖旺、 深水埗 )

膳心連 Foodlink Foundation Limited
機構自02年成立以來, 從酒店、餐廳收集廚餘食物, 派發給有需要的弱勢社群。

循道衛理觀塘社會服務處─ 拾落穗者

聖雅各福群會- 眾膳坊 St. James’ Settlement – People’s Food Bank

職工盟「食德好」食物回收計劃 Food Recycling HK
食德好」食物回收計劃自2009 年成立,計劃理念始於「珍惜食物」- 回收被棄掉的食物、經處理及烹調後,製成美味又具有營養的午膳,予培訓中心學員以低價享用。

「惜食堂」食物回收計劃 Food Angel
由小寶慈善基金於2011年展開 | 向飲食業回收剩餘的食物,再經過嚴格的安檢處理程序,將食物翻熱製成一個個色香味俱全及滿有愛心的飯盒,派發給活於貧窮。

Super Panda Asia
Promotion of health by promoting the concept of a good eating habit for the benefit of Hong Kong community and to promote environmental protection in the Hong Kong community by encouraging and educating people not to waste food and why food is so precious to human being, relation to the Global Food Crisis.

油尖旺食物銀行 Yau Tsim Mong Food Bank

香港新移民服務協會 Hong Kong New Immigrat Service Association