Organisation: The Conservancy Association (CA)

Eco-Rangers, the annual fund-raising project of The Conservancy Association (CA) will be held in Hong Kong on Oct 27, 2019(Sunday). This year CA Eco-Ranger has invited local rapper heyo to produce a theme song namely Eco-Ranger, which assimilates hip-hop elements with environmental conservation message: love Earth, love Hong Kong, love our next generation – everyone is Eco-Rangers! All in all, the message of “no plastic” is delivered clearly through the song. Let’s check it out!

Date of Event: Oct 27, 2019(Sun)
Time: 9:30am – 2pm
Venue: Hok Tau, Pat Sin Leng Country Park
Category: Novice, Individual, Dual, Trio, Family Team, Corporate Team

How to Play: Participants must use the compass and map provided by the headquarters to track “Plastic Trasher” down and look for ways to defeat it within a 2-hour limit, in order to save the environment. The team which earns the highest score within the given time limit wins. Teams that exceed the given time limit will have their score deducted accordingly. Should there be a tie with more than one team having the same score, the team with the shorter time wins.

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