Organization: Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation

Detail: 10km and  2km Race

Background: Through exercise to arouse the attention on emotional health, the Joyful  (Mental Health) Foundation encourages people to do exercise regularly in order to maintain physical and mental health. This Charity Run is to raise funds for the “Public Awareness for Mental Health” and “Professional Counseling Services”. The “Family” category is to encourage parents to set role model for their children to develop persistence spirit to face difficulties without fear and to establish positive  healthy lifestyle.

Duration: 2012-12-2, 7am

Deadline of Enrollment:  2012-10-5 (Fri)

Website: Joyful Charity Run to Ocean Park(II)

Nature: Fundraising

Region: HK

Source of Information: Joyful Charity Run to Ocean Park(II)