HomelessFonts is a project initiated by Arrels Foundation to create an artistic set of typeface collection inspired by the handwriting of homesless people living on the streets of Barcelona, Spain.

“Homelessfonts.org was set up as a ground-breaking scheme which joins the artistic side with social commitment. It is a creative way to raise and transform the popular view of the issue of homeless people,” stated the director of the Arrels foundation, Ferran Busquets.

Now in Barcelona there are around 3000 street sleepers have no homes to go back. Very often, no one even bothers to look at their cardboard signs. HomeslessFonts is the first website for people and companies to buy fonts initially created by the homeless, turning the handwriting into artistic, stylish and high in commercial value. Profits raised from the sales of the typefaces will all go to benefit 1,400 people supported by Arrels Foundation.



Arrels Foundation