Organisation: Ginko House


The Gingko House Love project was started to give our supoporters a way to give something (other than money) to very deserving underpriveledged groups in Hong Kong.There are 3 ways to support us:

1. BUY something from one of our campaigns

2. VOLUNTEER to help us distribute the goods after the campaign

3. DONATE to help us grow even bigger

Every year during the Mid-Autumn festival, it is Chinese tradition for people to give and receive the famous Moon cake. These delicious desserts are made from lotus seed paste and preserved egg yolks. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy this treat and we need your support.

Buy a moon cake from us and we’ll give it to someone who needs it.We plan to give moon cakes to the homeless and other underprivileged groups in HONG KONG. The week before September 10, 2016.  We will notify you of the exact date a little later via email

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