DreamStarter is a new community initiative that makes dream projects initiated by primary school students come true, through raising awareness, mentoring, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing support. All projects aim to bring real changes to the community through innovative solutions from various perspectives including social, environmental, technology and more.

Schools participating DreamStarter Program are taking pioneering step in Hong Kong education to adjust class timetable in order to allow students focus on their DreamStarter projects after lunch hours.

How Backers can Contribute:

1) To Raise Awareness – Share projects with your network, help spread the news, connect people in industry as backers.

2) Mentoring – Chat with our students, provide mentoring and job shadowing opportunities to students.

3) Crowdfunding – Provide financial support to DreamStarter Foundation to fund DreamStarter and specific projects.

4) Sharing resources – Share and provide resources to support specific projects to build a sharing economy for social good.

Through this experiential learning journey, we hope to foster students’ ability to be creative for social good, to communicate with different stakeholders, to have confident when solvingproblems, and to learn the entrepreneurial spirit and apply in their lives when they face challenges in future.

Project List

Website: DreamStarter

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