Organisation: HandsOn Hong Kong (HOHK)


HandsOn Hong Kong (HOHK)  is a legally registered charity under the name “HandsOn Hong Kong Limited”. We are an affiliate of the HandsOn Network (HON), an international volunteer network headquartered and registered as a nonprofit organization in the United States.

Year of Establishment: 2007

Our Mission: HandsOn Hong Kong mobilises and empowers our community to meet pressing social needs in Hong Kong through volunteer services.

Our Vision: Our vision is a caring community that gives its time and talent to transform Hong Kong.

The primary objectives of HandsOn Hong Kong include:

  • Promoting volunteerism and community service as an essential aspect of life in Hong Kong;
  • Offering diverse volunteer opportunities by partnering with charities that address a wide variety of issues, including poverty, children, education, elderly, disabled, immigrants, environment, and animal welfare;
  • Providing volunteer opportunities to both Hong Kong natives and foreign residents in either Chinese or English;
  • Creating innovative, high-impact ways of making valuable contributions to people’s lives;
  • Supporting charity and corporate partners with volunteer project design and implementation;
  • Making volunteering as accessible and rewarding as possible and providing a wide range of options to suit diverse interests, experiences, and schedules; and
  • Providing a high-quality experience for each volunteer and charity working with HOHK.

Leading Campaign: Drink for Good

Service: Volunteer Activity Development and Management, Volunteer Management

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