Organization: Habitat for Humanity China

Venue: Liangkou Town, Conghua, Guangdong
Quota: 300 participants (must be aged 14 or above)
Task: Digging, wheel barrow, laying brick, mixing cement, fixing steel bar, moving materials
Minimum Donation:
Students/**HKD 3,200 (USD 400) per person
Adults/**HKD 4,800 (USD 600) per person
(Including in country cost for land transportation, meal, accommodation, administration and insurance fee)
(**Transportation cost from your city to Guangdong is excluded. Volunteers must arrange it by themselves.)

Date:  26- 28  April, 2013

Enrollment Deadline: 8 April 2013

Enrollment: Click here

Website: Click here Download fact sheet )

Nature:  Fund Raise + hands on

Region: China, Guang Dong

Source of Information:  Habitat for Humanity China