Organization: Gift For Kids Foundation Limited
GIFT FOR KIDS is a non-profit Christian organization committed to providing a healthy and happy childhood to children from various backgrounds. GIFT FOR KIDS was founded in 2007 and recognized by the Hong Kong Government in the following year as a charitable organization.

Targeting children under the age of 12 from underprivileged backgrounds, we aim to nurture in them a feeling of being accepted and loved, and help them build up the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes they will need to become self-sufficient and productive adults in the future. To help them grow towards this we found it important to lay a solid foundation in their language development, as it is instrumental in enhancing their communication and social skills, self-confidence, ability in self-learning and resilience to deal with adversity in the long run.

With the mission above we started our service in the Shum Shi Po area, introducing a thematic English learning program to strengthen their language skills and at the same time allowing them to better understand and nurturing in them a sense of belonging to the society where they live in.
Year of Establishment: 2007
Leading Campaigns: The Eat, Play, Learn English Program
Service: Youth and Children
Region : Hong Kong