Single use plastics are polluting our cities and our oceans. It is affecting global environment and contributing to health problems in humans and animals. Eco Drive, a not-for-profit entity established in 2018 by 11 women from all walks of life who passionately want to make Hong Kong a better place for their children.

Single use plastics are polluting our cities, oceans and affecting global environment

Starting from 2018, EcoDrive promotes awareness and reduction of single use plastic in Hong Kong through education, connecting with corporate collaboration, and providing possible solutions. They believe in motivating and driving individuals to make a lifestyle change together and make a difference.

In May 2019, EcoDrive launched an “Enough Plastic” Education campaign tacking the issue of single uses plastic to reduce unnecessary waste. The campaign will culminate in Hong Kong the 1st ever “No Single Use Plastic Awareness Day” on May 30, 2019 with support from celebrities including Donnie Yen, Aaron Kwok, Mirriam Yeung, Gigi Leung etc. by starring a powerful trailer for advocacy. Hysan Place & local restaurants in town will also join force to support this campaign.

Source of Information: EcoDrive