Eat Smart Little Chef

Interactive Food Education Program

Vision:  To improve people’s lives through better food

Mission:  To empower and educate as many children as possible about better food- where it comes from, how to prepare it and the effect it has on their bodies.


Go.Asia is a platform that aims to initiate social innovation and charitable projects. Go.Asia has successfully brought Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and United Nations’ anti-food waste program to Hong Kong and has raised awareness across the region. Both initiatives promote using individual efforts to create positive changes to the society.

Jamie Oliver has worked tirelessly for many years to raise food and nutrition awareness by educating and reconnecting people with food. For Jamie, children especially should be encouraged to think about food, to learn how to prepare and cook it, and to understand the basics of a balanced meal. With basic food knowledge, meal preparation and an understanding of the effects that food has on your body, Jamie’s Big Vision is to see a decline in diet-related disease and a generation that no longer relies on, or accepts, fast processed food as a meal option.

Jamie’s Italian restaurants are focused around the idea of “good food for everyone, no matter what”- an idea that not only encompasses the high quality of ingredients and food that we constantly communicate to guests and staff, but also extends to the community food education programs that we run.


The participating children will be recruited via local charities, NGO’s, community centers and schools. The beneficiary partner will be responsible for screening and organizing the children. The target age group is between 5-10 years old and we aim to recruit group of 20 kids per visit. We would like to be able to bring children from grassroots families, or publicly supported families to the restaurant in order to provide exposure to Western dining and food information.


This project is funded by DotAsia Organization, Gift for Kids Foundation

Venue and program partner: Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong

Enrolment: [email protected]


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