Go.Asia collaborated with the Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong and The Youth Encouragement Foundation bringing 10 kids a fun and creative one day program, the “Eat Smart Little Chef” interactive food education activity.

10 children visiting Jamie’s Italian in Hong Kong and learnt about food and culture from the Western world. The brilliant team at Jamie’s Italian prepared a very exciting program for them, included learning what is the basic ingredients of Italian cuisine, the shapes and names of different pasta, etc. The children also had the chance to see the chefs in action, which was an invaluable and fun experience for them. They were all having wonderful time learning and enjoying their food at the same time.

After visiting the restaurant, children were gathered at the office of DotAsia Organisation and they were each asked to represent one of the seven colors of the rainbow and then to draw fruits and vegetables of that color. Afterwards, they could share what they knew about the fruit and veggies they drew with their friends. And they did a wonderful job!

We then worked on “making” their very first orange soda. During this experiment, they help to add carbonate water, orange essence, colorings, preservative and lots and lots of sugars which visualize to them what is inside an orange soda.

Each kid received a package of souvenir sponsored by the DotAsia Organisation after their fun adventure.

A special thanks to The Youth Encouragement Foundation and Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong.