As at 18 November 2012, 48 Palestinians – around half civilians, including 13 children and a toddler have been killed in Israeli raids.3 Israeli civilians have been killed in Palestinian rocket attacks. The current crisis was sparked when, on November 5th, Israeli soldiers shot dead a 20-year-old Palestinian with learning difficulties near the Gaza border.

William Fitzgerald and Tom Grundy, expats in Hong Kong,  without any political background, who are shocked by all the facts happening in Gaza and wish to do something to stop Israel from attacking Gaza. The group calls for people to “Refuse the election war! Refuse to die or kill in the name of a political spin.”. At first William expected to have some 20 people join the protest, after all, there are almost 40 people joined their force.

Foreign expats, the local Muslim community and local Hong Kongers marched peacefully to hand in a letter to the Israeli consulate. Chanting ‘Free, free Palestine’, ‘End the occupation’, and ‘Break the silence’ – the demonstration represented the most diverse show of Palestinian solidarity Hong Kong has yet seen.

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