Festival is always a good timing to share your happiness with friends and families. If you’ve to present gift in any upcoming parties, you may take below charity or fair trade products into consideration.

Gift below $200 

1. Bannerbag Card holder ($80)

2.  Ajitora Tee Shirt($179)

3. Organic Cashew Curry (Pakka) ($55)

Gift $200-500 

1. Good Health ($350)

2. Dark Chocolate The Best ($499)

3. GPET Messenger Bag – Large ($219)

Gift above $500 

1. Piglet ($680)

2. Provide nutritious meals for 20 children @Siem Reap, Cambodia ($600)

3. A Road ($590)



WWF Panda Shop 世界自然基金會香港分會熊貓禮品店

Oxfam 樂施會

Hong Kong Red Cross 香港紅十字會

Friends of the Earth 地球之友

Christian Action 基督教勵行會

Plan Hong Kong國際培幼會

UNICEF 聯合國兒童基金會

Animals Asia Foundation 亞洲動物基金會

Watoto 關懷兒童事工

One Sky For All Children 半邊天基金會


Church World Service


Fair Circle Online Shop 公平點 

Go Beyond the Mall (Gift Idea, Local Craftsmanship)

Give.asia (crowd funding platform)

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