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27 Jan, 2017

For the past 5 years, Go.Asia (sole organizer of Food Revolution HK activities) has had the privilege to champion Jamie’s vision in Hong Kong & Asia. In 2013, Go. Asia initiated a free “Think.Cook.Save.” Health & Food Education Program to promote a healthy diet and sustainable lifestyle. 1) Think – Learn about your Food 2) Cook – Cooking is fun and easy 3) Save – Reduce food waste for sustainable development. As of March 2017, Go.Asia has visited over 350 schools, inspiring more than 30,000 students in Hong Kong.

過去5年,Go.Asia 愛心起動 (「為食起革命」香港活動主辦單位) 提倡以個人力量為世界帶來正向改變。為呼應「為食起革命」這項全球健康飲食運動,我們自2013年起在全港校園開展免費的「我‧惜‧食健康飲食教育」活動,目標包括 1) 讓學童認識健康真食物 2) 鼓勵家長與孩子自煮 3) 減少食物浪費令地球可持續發展。3年多,我們到訪超過350間學校、與超過30,000名學童認識及珍惜食物。2014年我們推出首本中英對照的飲食教育專書《親子Play Kitchen》,邀得中文大學校長沈祖堯教授、資深飲食家唯靈先生、香港經濟日報創辦人麥華章先生及煤氣烹飪中心擔任顧問,把飲食教育普及化。除了校園活動,我們更於社區推展「健康擇食小廚神」計劃,為低收入家庭提供更全面的飲食教育。


  • 全球 4,300 萬名 5 歲以下的兒童正面對超重及癡肥的問題。據估計,到 了2020 年,數字將升至 6,000 萬。
  • 由於飲食失衡和缺乏活動,有預測指出這一代孩子的壽命會比父母一代短。
  • 越來越少人懂得烹飪,更遑論具營養的膳食。
  • 與飲食相關的疾病,包括心臟衰竭及中風,都是世界頭號「殺手」。
  • 過去大家都認為第二型糖尿病只會發生在長者身上,今天卻有年輕化趨勢,甚至發生在年僅3歲的孩子身上。


「我的心願就是發起一項具影響力並能持續發展的活動,教育孩子認識食物、甚至啟發每個家庭投入健康煮食生活,讓所有人能夠向癡肥 Say NO。」Jamie Oliver


Support our food education through donation  



Direct transfer to DotAsia Bank Account

You could support our Food Education program by direct transfer donation through bank teller / ATM electronic teller machines / internet banking platform to the following bank account:

Bank Name:   HSBC
Beneficiary:  DotAsia Organisation Limited
Account No.:  808-274179-838


請將捐款透過銀行櫃位/自動櫃員機/網上理財直接存入 DotAsia Organisation Limited 以下戶口:

匯豐銀行 戶口 808-274179-838


Crossed Cheque (accept e-Cheque*)

Please make your cheque payable to ” DotAsia Organisation Limited ” and send to us by post or in person. You may also bank in your cheque to our bank accounts at HSBC 808-274179-838

*please send your e-cheque [email protected]

以劃線支票捐款 (接受 電子支票*)

請將劃線支票(支票抬頭為「DotAsia Organisation Limited」)郵寄或親身遞交至DotAsia 辦公室。你亦可直接把支票存入DotAsia Organisation Limited於匯豐銀行的戶口 808-274179-838 

[email protected]*


Online Donation

Paypal or Credit Card through Paypal

Account:  [email protected]


你可以透過 Paypal 於網上通過信用卡捐款

收款戶口名稱/電郵:[email protected]


In Person

DotAsia Foundation Limited
Address: 12/F, Daily House, 35-37 Hai Phong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Office hour:
Mon – Fri    10:00a.m – 1:00p.m
2:00p.m. – 6:00p.m
Office closes on Sat, Sun &Public holidays


DotAsia Foundation Limited
地址︰尖沙咀海防道35-37號海利行 12 樓
星期一至五 上午10時至下午1時

Donations of HKD100 or above are tax-deductible with an official receipt. Please send the original receipt together with the donation form (Word PDF) to us and we will issue an official receipt to you accordingly. Please marked purpose: “support Food Education” or other project and we will distribute your donation to the related project.

捐款港幣一百元或以上可獲發收據作免稅用途。如要索取收據,請將存款收據正本,連同 捐款表格 (Word PDF),郵寄至 DotAsia Foundation Limited 辦事處。請列明捐款用途:支持飲食教育 或其他 DotAsia 基金會的慈善項目

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